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Reading Business Anthropology

This is an overview of some of the articles and books on business anthropology that we found of interest.


The Business of Ethnography: Strategic Exchanges, People and Organizations Based on his research in Japan, Brian Moeran describes his approach on writing ethnographies in business environments.

He identifies social phenomena. Frames, Networks and Fields.

Frames consist of physical settings like an office, a gallery, a lecture hall or a guest room in which certain kinds of activity – work of some kind, an art or craft display, the dissemination, reception and discussion of ideas, or drinking exchanges and inebriation – take place.

On networks:

We see how people create, flaunt, exchange and transform different kinds of – in particular, economic, social and symbolic – capital in order to take advantage of their networks and their positions in the field as a whole.

Fields are more abstract. If frames are most appropriate
for a micro-level of sociological analysis, and networks for an intermediate level,
fields are very much at the macro-end of the theoretical continuum.

Organisational Anthropology

Jordan, Brigitte. 2013. Advancing Ethnography in Corporate Environments : Challenges and Emerging Opportunities. Walnut Creek, CA: Left Coast Press.

Garsten, Christina, and Anette Nyqvist. 2013. Organisational Anthropology : Doing Ethnography in and among Complex Organisations. Anthropology, Culture and Society. London: Pluto Press.

Caulkins, Douglas D, and Ann Jordan. 2013. A Companion to Organizational Anthropology. Blackwell Companions to Anthropology.

Corporate Anthropology

Corporate Tribes by Jitske Kramer and Danielle Braun

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