Community Participation

Unlock the Full Potential of Online Communities: Go Beyond the Trigger!

This guide explores how to maximize your experience in online communities. Learn what motivates members to join, how to choose the right community for you, and tips for effective engagement. Discover how to grow your knowledge, contribute your expertise, and connect with like-minded individuals. Join the discussion and get the most out of online communities!

Every company and organisation needs some sense of community in their company culture. And there is a lot of talk about about community management, but what about community participation as a user?

im How can you benefit most from engaging in an online community?

Beyond the trigger

Generally you will join an online community, because there has been a certain trigger. You want ask a question, or you know the answer to a question you noticed.

When you take the step of joining the community, it is worthwhile to ask yourself the question: Do I have a pupose beyond the trigger to join this community. Do I find like minded people here? Can I enhance my professional knowledge?


  • when you join a community think beyond the trigger and find out what your purpose is in joining the community

What are motivations to join a community?

  • Growth in Knowledge – for example: getting updtes of developments in your work field
  • Motivation – for example: seeing other people try something that you are struggling with, can make you feel a lot better
  • A chance to showcase your expertise – for example: you can share some of your latest findings so your collegues recognise your expertise

What are motivations to join a specific community?

There might be different communities around your topic. What are considerations to join a specific community?

  • Quality of the conversation
  • Level of activity
  • The tone of voice
  • Diversity of members
  • The actual people there

Who are you anyway?

When you actually join a community it might be a good start to introduce yourself. We might have come to think of the internet as an innate entity, but you know this community actually consists of real people.

It`s a good idea to introduce yourself. Most communities and forums have a special thread for that. Yours doesn`t? Than just start your first post with a small introduction.

What are they doing here?!

You find out that the forum you joint has all kind of moderators. Is this Kindergarten? Why do you need policemen in a group of adults?

Patrick O’Keefe‏ actually has a really nice overview of what such a moderator actually does:

Yes, They Remove Spam, Monitor Guideline Violations, Write Policy, Design Community Infrastructure, Take care of Technology and Keeping the Site Online, Managing the Staff, Interacting with and Responding to Members, Have a Problem? Guess Who Probably Fixes It!, Be a Good Influence, Take Abuse. All in all: Everything That You See, the Administrator Probably Touches

I`m Banned! What do I do now?

Sit and cry, indulge yourself in chocolate ice cream and read Patricks advise at

I Was Banned From a Forum, What Should I Do? Change My IP Address? Come Back with a New Account?

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