Memories of Mongolia: 2000 to 2008

Memory of Mongolia - Zaisan monument

From 2000 to 2008 I spend most my time in the country of Blue Skies. These are my memories of Mongolia.

Burrito & Butter chicken

The restaurant had the striking slogan: The first Indian Mexican restaurant in Mongolia. It was my first Indian Mexican restaurant, ever. Anywhere. Before it moved to nice location near the university, it was located in the middle of a compound. You crossed dirt tracks and broken iron fences to get there, but once you were there, you could enjoy a rare treat for early 2000 Ulaanbaatar. Fajitas and Buritos. The Indian owner of the place had fallen in love with Mexican food and decided to join his native food with tortilla wrapped goodness.

Waiting on a friend

One day I had to reach a friend of mine, who I knew was dining with a dignitary at the Los Bandidos. It was probably -20 and I was happy I made it to the restaurant. I saw an old but well kept german car in front of the restaurant. The driver had just stepped outside his car to smoke a cigarette. I was hesitant to go in and disturb the dinner of my friend and his high standing official. So I walked around, thinking how to keep myself warm. The driver noticed me. I mean how could he not notice a tall blond man with a pointed nose and a coat as white as the snow, aimlessly walking about outside a restaurant.

We started a conversation and soon I realised this was actually the driver of my friend`s companion. He wondered why I wouldn`t just enter the restaurant, as there was the man I needed to see. In the end he offered me to wait in the car. 20 minutes later or so, my friend came out with the dignitary. Both looked a bit puzzled when I stepped out of the passenger seat. My friend with the sight of his friend, and dignitary for seeing an unknown foreigner step out of his seat.

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